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Recycled Plastic Lumber Saves Rainforests

In 2009, DeepStream started offering Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) as an alternative to tropical hardwoods. While more and more of our customers have been choosing RPL over the past 12 years, by 2017 RPL was already being specified more often than tropical hardwood.

Specifying recycled plastic lumber saves rainforests by eliminating demand for tropical hardwood and creating a sustainable market for plastic waste. That makes recycled plastic lumber (RPL) a win for the environment, our customers, and society.

Recycled plastic lumber saves rainforests at no loss to our customers in almost every application, so why wouldn’t you want to specify it instead of tropical hardwood?

RPL reduces maintenance costs while enhancing your property with timeless beauty, making a positive environmental statement for your brand by eliminating needless destruction of tropical rainforests, which is a leading component of climate change.

Recycled plastic lumber saves rainforests like the one in which this Oahu Modern Combination Trash and Recycling Bin made with RPL is located. Tap the picture to link to more information and products crafted with recycled plastic lumber.

In 2009, DeepStream started offering recycled plastic lumber (RPL) as an alternative to tropical hardwoods. More and more of our customers have been choosing RPL for planters and weatherproof fixtures over the past several years. By 2017, RPL was specified more often than natural wood.

The use of recycled plastic lumber has overtaken tropical hardwood

Recycled plastic lumber is a win for the environment and for our customers.

Weatherproof RPL reduces maintenance costs while enhancing your properties and brands, exhibiting timeless beauty and making an environmental statement.

We encourage you to seriously consider the cost benefits and the long-term appearance of RPL versus tropical hardwood. By selecting this material for your project, you are making a positive environmental statement to your customers.

In 2019 alone, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the center of the second largest rainforest after the Amazon, leased a massive 650,000 hectares (1.6 million acres) of pristine rainforest to aggressive Chinese logging companies. They also leased many more huge tracts of old growth forest to companies from other countries that log and then plant palm oil forests, forever depriving gorillas, elephants, and other animals of the diverse rainforest ecosystem they rely on.

Please, before specifying tropical hardwood for your projects, look at the comprehensive worldwide overview of the problem created by using tropical hardwood presented at this link:

Eliminate needless rainforest destruction by specifying DeepStream RPL planters and fixtures. The RPL that DeepStream uses is backed by a 50-year limited warranty by its manufacturer.

Tap picture to find out more about this Custom weatherproof Point of Sale Cabinet and Modern Combination Trash and Recycling Receptacle at an outdoor café. Instead of traditional tropical hardwood they use recycled plastic lumber to save the rainforest

DeepStream was created in a response to a need. While building a condominium project, I reviewed the “universe” of garden planters and receptacles. I wanted planters, receptacles, and custom fixtures for my project that were just not available.

DeepStream’s modern combination trash and recycling receptacle at Orlando International Airport uses 3form panels made with natural Beargrass and Eco-resin. Tap picture to find more modern recycling bins and products that save the rainforests.

Wood planters were carpenter-built with wood-on-wood construction. As I’ve detailed in my Planter Blog, they just don’t last. Carpenter-built wood planters tear themselves apart in 3-4 years in Miami’s hot tropical climate.

I did find other materials suitable for the indoor recycling and trash receptacles I was designing, such as the 3form Eco-resin panels shown on the receptacles in the picture above at the Orlando International Airport, where the airport authority is committed to sustainability and DeepStream. These panels, however, were not a suitable replacement for wood in exterior, especially wet, locations.

Wasting valuable wood harvested from the world’s rapidly diminishing rainforests, let alone with carpenter-built construction methods, not only destroys the forests, it also wastes your time, money, and energy.

Unfortunately, recycled plastic lumber was not an option when DeepStream was founded. Now using RPL is not just good ecological stewardship, it’s common sense.

Recycled Plastic Lumber wood planters add a tranquil green space on a roof deck between apartment blocks, cooling the space while capturing carbon and releasing oxygen. RPL, used with DeepStream’s engineered structural frames, is the perfect way to use this recycled plastic. Tap the picture for a link to more examples.

If your project absolutely must use tropical hardwood, then specify DeepStream’s Mariner planter system. Do not use carpenter-built wood planters that will fall apart in 3-5 years.

Wood expands when it gets wet. DeepStream’s trademark marine-anodized aluminum extrusion, along with its hidden aircraft aluminum structural frame, contains wood’s expansionary forces. Honor the wood you use by ensuring it lasts for decades, and back it with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

DeepStream Design’s trademark marine-anodized aluminum leg extrusions and engineered 3-part planter system extends the life of tropical hardwood by decades. Tap the picture to see more Mariner planters and options.

Engineered with the principles of Sustainable Design, our products stand the test of time. Our engineered modular system uses, or reuses, hardwood in a design that honors the wood. Deepstream’s trademark aluminum extrusions allow construction that extends wood life by decades. This is true with all of DeepStream’s products.

Movable Commercial Planters made with RPL not only save the rainforest, but they also require no maintenance. With DeepStream’s rugged frame, they can roll on caster wheels to be easily relocated. Tap the picture for a link to more information.

Harvesting tropical hardwood destroys important habitats around the world, even if “sustainably harvested,” as hardwood trees take 50 years or more to reach maturity.

According to the Yale School of Forestry, while estimates vary, it is thought that between 30 and 50% of all certified Tropical Hardwood shipped into the United States has been “Greenwashed,” meaning that shipments have been provided with falsified and counterfeit documentation.

In some countries like Peru, it’s estimated that 90% are illegally logged, devastating their Amazon watershed. For more information click here: “Greenwashed” Timber and FSC certification.

DeepStream’s modern Audubon combination trash and recycling receptacle using tropical hardwood will last for decades. However the same effect can be recreated with the new generations of recycled plastic lumber to save the rainforests from needless destruction. Tap the picture to find out more.

Offset your project’s carbon footprint by using recycled plastic lumber and planting far more trees than you use.

We plant trees for you automatically through Trees for the Future as a matter of principle. Planting trees through Trees for the Future provides families with more than just trees and food. It provides income, empowerment, unity, leadership, education, and even saves lives. The program teaches people to value themselves and their environment, and they see amazing improvements in their standard of living.

DeepStream Custom Fixtures: Benches in a hotel gym made with recycled plastic lumber, aluminum and 316-stainless steel to last virtually forever. RPL is waterproof so it doesn’t absorb sweat, and it can be easily sanitized.

DeepStream plants 50 trees for every planter and 100 trees for every fixture you purchase. Our customers receive a certificate to use in your marketing to let your customers know that you care about the environment.

Large recycled plastic commercial rectangular garden planters limit access, helping to create a beach club at an oceanside clubhouse, without using traditional tropical hardwood. This is a good example of how easy it is for communities to do their part to save the rainforest, while saving members’ dollars, as well. Tap the picture to see more examples of commercial RPL planters.

To date, with proceeds from the sale of our products, DeepStream has planted more than 460,000 trees in our customers’ honor. This reflects our customers’ commitment to the environment that we are all leaving for future generations.

A white RPL Commercial Planter anchors a Security Screen Wall and Enclosure at LAX airport, creating a unique outdoor dining spot for the Bob Hope USO. Tap the picture to find out more about the unique ways you can use RPL to create screen walls and enclosures instead of tropical hardwood to save the rainforests.

DeepStream makes it easy and cost-effective to go Green and stop contributing to climate change. By selecting recycled plastic lumber for your order, you will be preserving the world’s rainforests, the cooling lungs of the earth, while creating a sustainable market for post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste.

Products made with non-structural Recycled Plastic Lumber planks inside DeepStream’s unique structural aluminum frame are a perfect choice for outdoor placement, while making a strong environmental statement.

Please discuss saving this diminishing resources for future generations with clients that specify tropical hardwoods.

Our recycled plastic lumber requires no maintenance and lasts for decades without fading, saving your clients money, while looking better over time than wood ever will.

Large recycled plastic lumber wood planters for trees at Long House Reserve Garden. Tap picture for more information on Large Planters for Trees using RPL to save the rainforests.

DeepStream creates many custom fixtures that use recycled plastic lumber.

Custom Fixtures, not custom prices, for hotels, restaurants, theme parks, water parks and spas.  DeepStream’s proprietary frame system allows us to create a coordinated collection of durable custom fixtures. This approach provides visual continuity throughout your property, indoors or out.

A suite of weatherproof custom outdoor fixtures for condos, hotels, and water parks constructed with recycled plastic lumber (RPL) instead of traditional tropical hardwood, reducing maintenance costs while saving the rainforest. Tap the picture to link to more information.

Custom fixtures shown above include a point-of-sale enclosure with marine-anodized aluminum tambour door and frame. It features an insulated 316 stainless steel top, hinges, drawer slides, and handle.

The modern combination trash and recycling receptacles are also constructed with recycled plastic panels. Easily wiped clean, RPL does not stain and can be pressure cleaned – perfect for food service outlets. Because DeepStream’s trademark aluminum extrusions are marine-anodized, there is no paint or powder coating to fail. Turning on silent Delrin bushings, the bin push flaps are constructed of unfinished 5086 marine aluminum, making them easily cleaned and refinished.

Waterparks use a lot of towels. One of the RPL cabinets in the center holds fresh towels. The other cabinet houses a roll-in towel return cart.

Recycled Plastic Lumber, when paired with DeepStream’s trademark anodized aluminum frame system, can make even large items possible with the non-structural plastic, like this enclosure for large pool towel return carts. With anodized aluminum, there is no paint or powder coating to fail, so they can be pressure cleaned. Tap picture to link to more information.

If you have any questions, or there is anything DeepStream’s dedicated American craftspeople can design and build for you using Recycled Plastic Lumber, please contact us to discuss your project.

There is never a fee for design or quotes. Sheila Boyce has designed thousands of installations, so she is a great free and friendly resource at your disposal. Call her at: 305-857-0466 or email

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