Perfect Bench

DeepStream’s Perfect Bench uses the principles of sustainable design and ergonomics to create this comfortable, rugged bench.

Perfect Garden Bench
DeepStream Design Perfect Garden Bench
DeepStream Design Perfect Garden Bench

DeepStream’s bench uses the same rugged construction and carries the same Lifetime Structural Warranty as Mariner planters.

Replaceable, non-marking HDPE feet prevent damage to decks and floors, while ensuring the galvanic isolation of the marine-anodized aluminum legs, which ensures the longevity of the finish.

Each part is replaceable, and the wooden slats can be quickly and easily removed for refinishing.

DeepStream Designs, Inc. For more than 15 years DeepStream Designs’ mission has been to provide alternative products with a timeless design that are engineered and constructed so that they will endure for generations, reducing the impact on the earth’s resources, and providing the lowest total cost of ownership over time. Sustainable Design principles are the basis of our American hand crafted garden planters, bench, recycling and trash bins, custom hotel and restaurant fixtures. Lifetime Structural Warranty.

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