Perfect Bench

DeepStream’s Perfect Bench uses the principles of sustainable design and ergonomics to create this comfortable, rugged bench.

Perfect Garden Bench
DeepStream Design Perfect Garden Bench
DeepStream Design Perfect Garden Bench

DeepStream’s bench uses the same rugged construction and carries the same Lifetime Structural Warranty as Mariner planters.

Replaceable, non-marking HDPE feet prevent damage to decks and floors, while ensuring the galvanic isolation of the marine-anodized aluminum legs, which ensures the longevity of the finish.

Each part is replaceable, and the wooden slats can be quickly and easily removed for refinishing.

What could make the perfect bench better? How about an ergonomic back and arms constructed from maintenance free recycled plastic lumber.

weatherproof recycled plastic, aluminum and stainless steel bench with back and arms
Ergonomic, weatherproof recycled plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel bench with back and arms
Perfect outdoor bench with ergonomic back and arms.
Material, engineering, and ergonomic design make this The Perfect Outdoor Bench especially for harsh ocean environments. Hand crafted in America this 72-inch version created using waterproof, weatherproof, UV-proof 100% HDPE Tropical Hardwood colored recycled plastic lumber for maintenance free use. DeepStream’s proprietary marine anodized aluminum legs are isolated from the deck using replaceable solid HDPE feet that won’t’ scratch decks or fine floors. 316-stainless steel is used to create the arm and back supports while the seat rests securely on an aircraft aluminum frame secured with 18-8 stainless-steel Phillips head fasteners and proprietary anti-seize paste to prevent galvanic action ensuring decades of commercial use. As there is no paint or powder coating to fail the bench may be pressure cleaned. Backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty and DeepStream’s unique Core Replacement Program making all parts replaceable at direct factory cost.
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