New Modern Nautique Recycling Bin or Trash Can

If you want a classically proportioned, simple, rugged, no-frills modern design that will give years of service in extreme environmental conditions, order the Nautique model with its straightforward 24-gallon bin made with recyclable HDPE with double the UV life expectancy of 15 years.

Nautique: New Recycling Bin or Trash Can is a multi-purpose receptacle
Nautique: New Recycling Bin or Trash Can shown with bin lid and 24 gallon HDPE bin with superior UV protection. The stainless steel and HDPE plastic liner can be sanitized with any chemical cleaner or pressure cleaner.

Passivated 304 Stainless Steel frame, feet, and lid mean all parts are easily recyclable. A great multi-purpose receptacle for recycling, trash, towels.

Perfect out at the beach, a pool, or ski area. Without the lid the Nautique works well for towels in a salon, spa, gym, or yoga studio.

Details of DeepStreams stainless steel Chameleon frame and feet
Details of DeepStream’s stainless steel Chameleon frame and feet

Click here to find out more about the Natique at DeepStream’s solutions website

Wooden Garden Planters: 7 years after

While wood-on-wood planter construction will last 3 to 5 years, DeepStream’s Mariner garden planters are engineered to last for decades, giving the lowest cost of ownership over time, and are backed with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

If your ownership or responsibility for the building where planters will be placed will last more than five years, give serious consideration as to what it will mean in terms of cost and disruption to go back and replace or repair planters, especially on rooftops and balconies, every 3 – 5 years.

The Mariner test planter shown below, with only an initial waterproofing at our workshop, has been exposed to the Miami sun and rain for with no maintenance for seven years.

The same planter shown below after sanding .014″ off the face of the planks and re-waterproofing and wiping down the proprietary marine-anodized legs with mineral spirits.

7 year old wood planter after refinishing

Wood-on-wood planter construction uses carpentry techniques that fasten wood to wood, and planters tear themselves apart with the expansive forces that wood exerts through repeated wet and dry cycles.

Why? Each wooden plank is cut from a different part of the tree or even different trees. This means each plank has its own differential rate of expansion and warping when wetted. This makes dimensional stability using standard wood-on-wood construction in two dimensions impossible to maintain over time, and shipbuilding techniques and maintenance are far too costly for planter construction. In addition, most wood planters lack adequate isolation from the soil and the deck or sidewalk, which promotes fresh water rot.

For centuries, wood dowels have been inserted into holes drilled into rock, then soaked with water. The expansion force of the wood is thus harnessed to crack blocks off marble and granite for construction, even though the blocks are hundreds of times thicker than the thin wooden dowel.

DeepStream uses proprietary marine anodized legs and stainless steel fasteners to clamp the wood and direct the expansionary so that the wood can expand and contract at different rates without affecting the planter’s structural integrity.  The commercial grade rigid plastic liners, mounted on an independent aluminum frame, contain the soil and prevent contact between the soil and the wood.

Aluminum legs are protected and galvanically isolated from a wet deck by using plastic, HDPE, feet.  Even stainless steel fasteners are galvanically isolated by using a proprietary dielectric paste so that they may be removed easily years later to replace parts or refinish the planter easily as shown in the before and after pictures below of a 7-year-old planter that only had the original coat of factory waterproofing and no maintenance.  This “fresh” look was achieved by sanding off just.014” of the planks exterior.

Comparison of planks after sanding and before waterproofing shown below.


The near flawless proprietary marine anodized leg, show below, after cleaning with mineral spirits.   Disassembly for sanding was easy thanks to the proprietary dielectric paste used to prevent corrosion between the stainless steel fasteners and the aluminum leg.


Perfect Bench

DeepStream’s Perfect Bench uses the principles of sustainable design and ergonomics to create this comfortable, rugged bench.

Perfect Garden Bench
DeepStream Design Perfect Garden Bench
DeepStream Design Perfect Garden Bench

DeepStream’s bench uses the same rugged construction and carries the same Lifetime Structural Warranty as Mariner planters.

Replaceable, non-marking HDPE feet prevent damage to decks and floors, while ensuring the galvanic isolation of the marine-anodized aluminum legs, which ensures the longevity of the finish.

Each part is replaceable, and the wooden slats can be quickly and easily removed for refinishing.

What could make the perfect bench better? How about an ergonomic back and arms constructed from maintenance free recycled plastic lumber.

weatherproof recycled plastic, aluminum and stainless steel bench with back and arms
Ergonomic, weatherproof recycled plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel bench with back and arms
Perfect outdoor bench with ergonomic back and arms.
Material, engineering, and ergonomic design make this The Perfect Outdoor Bench especially for harsh ocean environments. Hand crafted in America this 72-inch version created using waterproof, weatherproof, UV-proof 100% HDPE Tropical Hardwood colored recycled plastic lumber for maintenance free use. DeepStream’s proprietary marine anodized aluminum legs are isolated from the deck using replaceable solid HDPE feet that won’t’ scratch decks or fine floors. 316-stainless steel is used to create the arm and back supports while the seat rests securely on an aircraft aluminum frame secured with 18-8 stainless-steel Phillips head fasteners and proprietary anti-seize paste to prevent galvanic action ensuring decades of commercial use. As there is no paint or powder coating to fail the bench may be pressure cleaned. Backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty and DeepStream’s unique Core Replacement Program making all parts replaceable at direct factory cost.
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